Monday, October 17, 2011

Video - Mountain Biker Gets Attacked by Antelope and Knocked Off Bike - #BUCKNORRIS

Boy, some people just seem to have bad luck…

A mountain biker racing at Albert Falls Dam was knocked off his bike when a huge antelope chased after him, lunged in the air, and smashed him to the ground while the biker behind him got it all on film.

The rider, Evan van der Spuy, broke his helmet, suffered a concussion, and was knocked unconscious for almost twenty minutes.

After the attack the antelope ran into the brush and was never seen again.

The video has not only gone viral on YouTube with over 10 million views, but Matt Lauer interviewed Evan on the “Today” show Monday morning.

Within hours the incident was trending on Twitter as #BUCKNORRIS - in reference to the inhuman, unstoppable, and awesome endurance and force of the legendary Chuck Norris.

Evan was riding for Team Jeep South Africa in the Time Freight Express MTB Race at Albert Falls Dam.

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