Friday, August 19, 2011

Video - Inside Donald Trump’s New Private Jet – Gold Plated Everything!

Hmm, seems like “Celebrity Apprentice” must be doing pretty well for Donald Trump, and at least somebody has found a way to make money on real estate these days.

Nobody knows just how rich the guy is, some say he’s a billionaire while others say he is broke…

But after taking one look at his private jet we think he has been able to sock away a few bills over the years.

Most of us have seen the opening segment on “Celebrity Apprentice” where Donald shows off his private helicopter, but few have seen his private 757 Jet.

And fewer people have actually seen the inside of it.

Mr. Trump's "Old" 727 - So 1990's
The video below details the plane - a Boeing 757 custom built aircraft with just about everything you would expect to be onboard Donald Trump’s private airline.

Former “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant Amanda Miller gives us a private tour of the inside, showing us the galley with china and stemware, private dining area, private guest bedrooms, Trumps private suit draped in gold silk, private bathrooms, large theater with studio quality sound system and 57 inch plasma TV’s, a VIP area, first class sleeper area, bathrooms with 24-carat gold sinks and fixtures, and a flight deck with flat panel display technology.

Donald's private dining and sitting area

VIP sitting area and lounge

Custom galley with stemware and china

Heck, even the seatbelt buckles are plated with 24-carat gold.

The 757 private Jet can carry 43 passengers, travel at over 500 mph, and is powered by three high powered Rolls Royce jet engines.

Take a private tour of Donald Trump’s Private jet

Not bad for a guy with such bad hair eh?

Although Trump wouldn't say for sure, word is he bought the 757 for $100 million from Microsoft's co-founder Paul Allen.

Now we’ve all heard about Soulja Boys’ $30 million dollar purchase of a custom Gulfstream G5, but nothing compares to having your own 757.

Trump Bad Hair Day!
It’s good to see that while times are hard for so many Americans that Mr. Trump still has the luxury of jetting around the world in such opulence.

It kind of makes me wonder how much of my 401k got diverted into his 24-carat opulence.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for living high on the hog, but at some point it crosses a line and makes you look like a really big douche bag.

I’m just saying….

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