Thursday, August 18, 2011

Video - Anderson Cooper Cracks Up on Air During Gérard Depardieu Story

Anderson Cooper is usually a very serious person.

Last night during a story on French actor Gérard Depardieu peeing in the aisle of an airplane while waiting for take-off on the tarmac, Cooper broke into giggles and just couldn’t stop.

Anderson’s segment titled “The RidicuList” was laced with pee jokes and inferences to poop and public urination.

It was actually pretty funny watching the normally stoic Anderson lose it and crack up in such an uncontrollable fashion.

But the funny puns finally cracked his usually serious personality – and he lost it.

Watch Anderson Cooper crack up on his show

The airline in questions was CityJet, and they responded via twitter saying,

“As you may have seen on the news we are busy mopping the floor on one of our planes this morning. We’d also like to remind our passengers that are jest are fully equipped with toilet facilities.”

Cooper later told his viewers that this was the first time he has ever lost it like that on camera.

That may be true.

However, we do have another video of Anderson being pranked by CNN producers when they put up a picture of him from elementary school during a live broadcast.

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Coppers show on CNN has been lagging in the ratings this year, coming in almost last place behind idiot Piers Morgan.

Ever since revelations that Anderson was gay surfaced, and rumors about him marrying his same sex partner after New York changed their same sex marriage laws, critics have wondered if Copper would be able to stay at CNN.

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But Cooper has a certain hard hitting style of journalism that critics say make him an important asset to the network even if it’s not with his current show.

We kind of like the guy and think he’s easy to watch and brings a sense of fair reporting to the news that we don’t see on other networks.

We say keep him.

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