Monday, August 15, 2011

Photos - Ashton Kutcher Rents $2 Million Trailer for Use at “Two and a Half Men” Studio

You know you’re really famous when your boss will spring for $8,750 a week to rent you a celebrity trailer to use when you’re not on the set.

That’s what Ashton Kutcher’s boss Chuck Lorre is spending so the star has a comfortable place to relax during breaks from filming “Two and a Half Men”.

Last month there was a big stink when the rig showed up outside the studio but has since quieted down now that production is underway.

There was also an outcry in New York City when actor Will Smith rolled into town in a behemoth trailer for use while filming his movie.

At least Kutcher is only renting the trailer because to buy it would cost more than $2 million dollars.

The company that builds these dream trailers is Anderson Mobile Estates, and it is clear they are targeting the uber rich.

“These units are first class luxury - not your average 200 - 400 square foot mobile trailers, we are the only company offering two-story mobile trailers featuring up to 1,200 square feet of spacious living and work areas, which include conference rooms and studios. We take pride in our extensive use of state of the art electronics, granite, marble and exotic hand-picked woods throughout the entire unit.”

Yea, we don’t want our celebrities to have to endure the embarrassment of a mere 400 square foot “mobile home”.

When you make almost $1 million dollars per episode you can demand nothing but the best!

Their biggest and longest trailer measures just over 52 feet, and can expand or contract all "pop-out" rooms and second stories in less than 10 minutes.

It includes spiral staircase, two bathrooms, state of the art electronics, full video surveillance, cutting edge touch screen control units, and powerful audio systems.

Some models even include a full recording studio with a sound booth for those musicians on the go.

“Our kitchen areas with the best appliances and provide some of the finest china, crystal, and linens available. The walls are double sound insulated to provide a quiet environment for rest and concentration.”

Forget McDonalds or having an assistant run out for carry out – now you can hire a chef to come in and cook on demand. Then you can kick back with your 7 plasma televisions while waiting for the director to yell "action" again.

So who makes these things?

His name is Ron Anderson and he built his first trailer for Will Smith.

Since then, Anderson has built the Playboy trailer for Hugh Hefner, and mega celebrity trailers for Will Smith, Maria Carey, Ice Cube, Wynonna Judd, Clint Black, Tina Turner, and now Ashton Kutcher.

He also rents them to movie studios, CEO’s, music labels, and private corporations.

So there you go.

We hope during this economic downturn you have been able to keep your job and house, but just in case you need to rent for a few weeks while you get back on your feet you can just give Ron a call.

We’re sure they have something that would accommodate you in a pinch.

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