Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ashton Kutcher is in Charge at “Two and a Half Men” – New Photos and Massive New Trailer!

There is now doubt that the new season of “Two and a Half Men” is well underway.

The story line has been updated to kill off write out Charlie Sheen’s character.

Advertising posters have been updated showing Ashton Kutcher in his new role.

Scripts are being written and rewritten.

Story lines are being developed and set changes and adaptions are underway.

Wardrobe is busy creating new costumes and set decorators are updating the sound-stage.

And to show the public that things are moving forward at full speed, CBS and Warner Bros. has released new artwork showing the new cast.

The “Curtain Shot” above was used for previous seasons and has been updated to show the new cast changes and a maturing Angus T. Jones.

The sound stage art has been updated to remove Sheen’s picture.

The half-naked shirtless picture of Angus T. Jones, Kutcher and veteran Jon Cryer was release last month hailing the new season starting September 19th.

TMZ grabbed a picture of Kutcher’s new colossal two story trailer parked outside the sound stage.

Almost as big as some peoples house, it will be were the actor cools down during rehearsals and grabs a little rest when not needed on the set.

We can’t wait to watch the first new show and see how poor Uncle Charley met his end.

We are also looking forward to a new set of “Two and a Half Men” blooper and gag reels shot during filming the new season as we hear Ashton is a blast to work with and crazy funny while on set.

Godspeed Chuck Lorre. Take your time and do it justice.

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