Thursday, June 30, 2011

Video – UFO’s Seen Over London During The Day By Multiple People

Strange things are happening in the skies over London these days.

In the video below, multiple people can be seen walking the streets of London minding their own business when out of nowhere several UFO’s appear.

If you watch closely, one seems to be a circular object that could easily pass as a weather balloon.

But watch the smaller objects moving around it and it defies logic.

At one point, one of the smaller objects changes directions so abruptly that it is clear it can’t be an aircraft.

The change in direction and sudden increase in speed is eerie and makes you wonder if any military could devise such a device – much less keep it secret.

<a href='{from}&vid=b6c88737-79a8-475b-9e88-b242469b4840' target='_new' title='UFO Hovers Above BBC Building In London' >Video: UFO Hovers Above BBC Building In London</a>

The objects were spotted above the BBC Building and Tower Bridge and happened last week.

No official statement has been released by any official representative and the incident remains a mystery as of now.

Do you think they’re real or just another UFO conspiracy?

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