Tuesday, May 31, 2011

World’s Most Expensive BBQ Grill – Gold Plated and Only $165,000 - Photo

Okay men, here’s your chance.

Now you can be the talk of the neighborhood.

Picture this – Labor Day weekend you have the guys over for a cookout and a few beers, hot dogs and all the fixings, a hamburger or two, and you unveil your new grill to all your jealous friends.

That’s right!

For only $165,000 you can own the World’s most expensive BBQ grill. The unit comes complete with:

Six-burner barbecue, Wok burner, Roasting hood, Warming rack, High-output burners, Quartz start ignition, Vaporizer grid, Reflector system, Varmint spit, Cup holders, Grease trap, Gold knobs, Thermostat, Auto Lock Wheels, Wi-Fi connection, and cookbook.

The best part?

It’s all individually plated in 24-carat gold and built by hand. And it can be yours for a measly $165,000.

The grill is made by the Australian company BeefEater Barbecues who refers to it as “the ultimate in backyard grill bling”.

They say the company created the golden grill for individuals who “want to make a statement with their barbecue and have the money to burn”.

Boy, they sure do things differently down under, eh mate?

In case anyone has any sympathy for me, this is what I used last weekend to entertain my friends:

I like to refer to it as “the ultimate in redneck cooking and front yard cooking bling”.

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