Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Critics Worry about Charlie Sheens Upcoming 'My Violent Torpedo of Truth' Live Shows – Is He Ready?

With just a few days left before Charlie Sheen takes to the stage with his 2011 live show “Violent Torpedo of Truth” in Detroit, critics are starting to wonder what he will unveil to audiences.

While little is known about the content of the shows, Sheen has tweeted a pic of Snoop Dog at his house presumably laying down some music tracks for the show.

The problem, critics say, is that while Sheen has made a big splash with all his “tiger blood” talk and television appearances last month – they have all been done WITHOUT an audience present.

“Standing on a stage for two hours trying to make everybody laugh might be harder than Charlie thinks”, says one critic.

“If a joke bombs, or he says something derogatory about women or working people, the audience could turn on him really fast. He didn’t have to deal with people booing, yelling, or throwing things at him when he was on TV.”

“People are going to go to the show with a certain expectation based on what they have seen from Charlie. If he fails to deliver, it could get really ugly really fast. If the first couple of shows bomb, it will be an uphill battle to complete the series and sell the tickets”.

“He should have done a few smaller gigs to test out his material and see how the crowds react. Not everybody is going to find his jokes funny. Not everybody is going to “get” the show”.

In fact, if you look at the replies to Charlie’s tweets the last several weeks, you can clearly see more people seem to be just egging him on instead of lending him true support.

“There are more people looking for Charlie to fail than to succeed. To many fans of “Two and a Half Men”, he is just another super rich celebrity that has screwed everything up and is airing his dirty laundry in public.”

“Just like people slow down to see the wreck on the interstate, lots of people are going to the show just to see how bad it is and to see the train wreck in person”.

I agree - he should have tried out his material at a few smaller venues and taken a little more time to fine tune his routine. This REALLY does have the possibility to be a really bad train wreck. We will all know by the evening of April 2nd. Unfortunately, it won’t be just a bad April fool’s joke.

And for reports that Sheen’s show tickets are selling out - that turns out not to be true. Sources tell us there are still plenty of tickets. In fact, it looks like people purchased most of the tickets ONLY to try and resell them on other ticket sites for a hefty premium.

If things do go badly, it could spell the end of Charlie and his Adonis DNA.

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