Monday, March 7, 2011

CBS Finally Fires Charlie Sheen for Good – Contract Terminated

The final shoe may have just dropped in the Charlie Sheen vs. CBS battle.

After a two week public display of #notwinning, and countless media appearances that clearly show the actor in some type of mental collapse or drug addiction, the brass at CBS has finally fired Charlie Sheen for good.

In a letter sent to Charlie’s lawyers, CBS spells out the exact reason for the contract termination. Some reasons include his drug use, media outbursts, missing rehearsals, failure to complete drug rehab, the New York Plaza incident, and the Las Vegas suitcase of cocaine incident.

CBS has also said they have no plans to pay Sheen for the missed episodes of Two and a Half Men.

Of course, Sheen, who is made of #tigerblood, has vowed to not only sue CBS and Warner Brothers, but has promised to right every wrong ever done to him by this evil conspiracy.

We suspect we will hear a lot more from Sheen about this – he plans to go on Ustream again tonight with Charlie’s Korner as he tries to explain all of this to his fans.

As for CBS, their words are very clear:

In halting production of Two and a Half Men for the remainder of the season and suspending Mr. Sheen's employment on the Show, Warner Bros. took the only responsible action open to it-morally and legally-in these painful circumstances. Warner Bros. would not, could not, and should not attempt to continue "business as usual" while Mr. Sheen destroys himself as the world watches.

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