Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Golden Voice Ted Williams – Going to Rehab

Well, maybe we all jumped the gun on this one.

We really wanted Ted to jam on the job offers and chance to set things right.

But it looks like the dream may be allusive for golden voice, ex-homeless man, Ted Williams discovered last week.

It was announced today by TMZ that Williams will check himself into rehab for drugs and alcohol, and it looks like Dr. Phil had something to do with it…

Dr. Phil had Ted and his children on his show Wednesday and things grew a bit emotional. Police were later called to a hotel after Williams hit one of his daughters, grabbed and pushed her, and admitted crack was his drug of choice.

It later became clear that after telling everybody he had been clean and sober for two years…. that he had been drinking every day since he was discovered on YouTube.

Police later released Williams. It is unclear exactly when or where Williams will enter rehab.

We’re still rooting for you Ted.

Charlie, is there anything you need to say?

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