Friday, February 19, 2010

Watch - Tiger Woods Apology Video

Pro golfer and superstar Tiger Woods broke his silence today after three months of being on the lamb.

In his speech he apologized to everyone - his sponsors, family, friends, children, foundation workers, and more. His banter was a bit strained at times, and he almost broke down more then once.

But somehow it didn't feel right. The words were all there, but at times it seemed as if he was just reading a book report instead of offering an apology. He dumped on the media and tended to focus on his rehab more than his problem.

The video below is his press conference from today. Enjoy!

Watch Tiger Apology Video Press Conference Video

Within hours of his apology, lawyer Gloria Allred held her own press conference with one of Tigers ladies -porn star Joslyn James. It seems Allred was looking for a personal, national apology to her client.

James said she never meant to hurt anybody and never lied. She was devastated and crying. Let's see… a porn star having an affair with a man she knew was married, and she wants an apology. Good luck.

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