Thursday, September 25, 2008

Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden - Meet The New Cast - Introduction Video

Survivor fans can hardly wait until September 25. That's when the latest "Survivor" series kicks off its fall season with "Survivor Gabon - Earth's Last Eden".

Time will tell if the ratings hold for the hit reality show, but die-hard fans really don't care about the ratings, because for them it's all about the show and the players.

And now, CBS has revealed the 18 new castaways for the 17th installment of its cult followed, and time-tested reality blue-chip series. This season will also be the first time the Emmy winning show will be broadcast in high definition.

As Jeff Probst put it, "In a strange coincidence to "Survivor Gabon - Earth's Last Eden", good vs. evil emerges as a major theme this season. I think the audience will quickly identify with one group or the other."

Among the competitors: a maintenance man, a magazine model, an Ivy League law student, an actress, a professional video gamer and a former track Olympic gold medal winner from the games in Athens. Oh yea, and there is an old guy who will try to keep up with the younger kids.

The new season kicks off on CBS Sept. 25, a week later than originally announced, but as a two-hour event, a first for the show.

Things did not start well for the season's production, as bad weather, transportation glitches, and equipment problems plagued the crew during the first two months. Not to mention the wild animals they found upon arrival turned out to be really wild, and solutions had to be found to keep the cast and crew safe.

Here's the complete list of Africa-bound contenders for the million-dollar prize:

You can watch the individual cast interviews here:

  • Randy Bailey, 49; wedding videographer
  • Jacque Berg, 25; medical sales
  • Danny "GC" Brown, 26; maintenance man
  • Michelle Chase, 24; music production assistant
  • Crystal Cox, 29; former Olympic gold medal winner
  • Robert "Bob" Crowley, 58; physics teacher
  • Kelly Czarnecki, 22; retail sales
  • Ace Gordon, 27; jewelry sales
  • Charlie Herschel, 29; lawyer
  • Ken Hoang, 22; professional gamer
  • Corinne Kaplan, 29; pharmaceutical sales
  • Dan Kay, 32; lawyer
  • Jessica "Sugar" Kiper, 29; pinup model
  • Gillian Larson, 61; retired nurse
  • Marcus Lehman, 28; doctor
  • Susie Smith, 47; hairdresser
  • Paloma Soto-Castillo, 24; student
  • Matty Whitmore, 29; personal trainer

Watch The "Survivor Gabon - Earth's Last Eden" Cast Introduction

You can watch the individual cast interviews here

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