Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Justin Bieber Being Investigated For Reckless Driving - Police Called In…

Justin Bieber Keyshawn Johnson Reckless Driving Cops Police
Keyshawn Johns confronts Justin Bieber about bad driving

We just might have to move up our predictions in the Justin Bieber Death Watch Poll as it seems the pop singer is hell bent on either killing himself, somebody else, or being thrown in jail.

Reports are surfacing that police were called to Bieber’s Calabasas mansion about 8:00 p.m. Sunday night when two separate people called the cops to report that the tattooed pop star was racing through the neighborhood in his Ferrari at “Startling high rates of speed…”

But before police could respond, Bieber was chased down by ex-NFL player Keyshawn Johnson who was almost ran off the road by the singer while driving home in his Prius with his child in the car.

When Keyshawn got to Bieber’s house he blocked the driveway and attempted to talk to the singer but Bieber ran inside, locked the doors, and refused to speak with Johnson.

Cops outside Justin Bieber's house Sunday night
Cops outside Justin Bieber's house Sunday night

Reports say that when police arrived on the scene that Bieber refused to talk to them as well so an investigation has been opened in regards to the matter.

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An L.A. County Sheriff spokesman told reporters,

"Reports are that Bieber was driving at a startling high rate of speed and witnesses say at least one child was playing in the area where Bieber was allegedly driving.”

Oh yea, the two neighbors who called the cops are telling the media that they can positively ID Justin Bieber as the driver, and both say he looked stoned and out of it…

Bieber is already being investigated for a reckless driving incident from last month where he allegedly threatened a neighbor with death, spit on him, and told him to get off his property after being confronted about his reckless driving habits.

Justin Bieber's Calabasas Mansion - Cops House 2013
Justin Bieber's Calabasas Mansion - 2013

We really hate to say this… and we’re a big Bieber supporter… but maybe the best thing at this point is for Justin to get arrested, go to court, and spend a little time in jail with about 80 hours of community service so he learns that there are consequences to his actions… even when he doesn’t think there should be.

After all, if he’s not careful people are going to start calling him the next Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes.

Millionaire teenagers these days… just saying…

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