Thursday, April 25, 2013

PHOTOS - Justin Bieber Gets THREE New Tattoos! - A Tiger, Koi Fish, and Angel Tattoo

Pop star Justin Bieber is continuing his obsession with tattoos and has just been spotted with THREE new tats on his left arm and wrist.

This makes a grand total of 14 tattoos in all…

Bieber is currently on the European leg of his tour and just left Norway where he met up with on again / off again girlfriend Selena Gomez.

And if Bieber’s current media problems weren’t bad enough, his tour bus was reportedly searched by cops in Stockholm Sweden after police smelled pot coming from the bus.

When cops searched the tour bus they found bag of pot on the floor and a Taser - but since nobody was on the bus at the time there were no arrests.

Okay, back to Bieber’s new tattoos…

Bieber’s three new tattoos are a tiger head, a koi fish that represents good luck, and an angel tattoo on his left wrist.

Now, the interesting thing about the angel tattoo is the striking resemblance to Selena Gomez.

In fact, the face of the angel looks just like Selena’s face used for an Elle photo shot last year.

(Click any photo for full size HD format slide show)

Justin Bieber's new tattoo koi fish tiger angel selena gomez 2013 photo
Justin Bieber's new fish, tiger and angel tattoo - 2013
Justin Bieber new Tattoo Koi Fish 2013 Photo
Justin Bieber's new Koi Fish (good luck) Tattoo
Justin Bieber new tattoo Tiger 2013 Photo
Justin Bieber's new Tiger Tattoo - 2013
Justin Bieber's new Angel Tattoo - or Selena Gomez Tattoo?

What do you think? Does the angel tattoo look like Selena Gomez?

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Who knows if Justin and Selena will stay together this time – but most teen love stories usually have periods of on again off again moments.

It must be hard due to their fame and schedules to see much of each other and we suspect that regardless of what happens that they will always be close friends.

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