Wednesday, January 2, 2013

VIDEO – Harry Styles Cries During Interview About Being Hated...

Harry Styles crying during an interview about being hated video
Harry Styles crying during an interview about being hated...

In what can only be described as a tender and unscripted moment, Harry Styles of “One Direction” opened up during “A Year in the Making” video about what it’s like to be hated and to read negative press reports about him and his band mates.

Harry was recalling a time when he was reading negative reviews after a particularly bad X-Factor show, and you can tell how certain aspects of the business were just eating Harry up inside.

We know the video is a bit old, but it is important to see what happens to these artists when fans turn on them...

Watch Harry Styles Crying about being hated...

It’s always good for fans to see their idols in these types of tender moments.

It makes us remember that at the end of the day the record business is a business, and hate and bad press are part of the experience - and the boys of "One Direction" are not exempt from their share of hate - especially Harry Styles.

Harry's most recent round of hate has been directed at him for dating the uber popular singer Taylor Swift - or "Haylor" as their supporters call them.

We suspect Harry Styles has grown a bit over the last two years and has bigger things to think about these days… but it is still a cute video.

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  1. I really think it's mess up when people start hating Harry styles and I think it's wrong besides, he's such a sweet guy! He doesn't any cruel treatment from people!


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