Tuesday, November 27, 2012

VIDEO - Angus T. Jones Trashes “Two and a Half Men” – Says He Wants to Quit!

Angus T. Jones talks about quitting Two and a Half Men
Angus T. Jones talks about leaving Two and a Half Men

Teen heart throb Angus T. Jones, star of the Warner Brother’s failing TV show “Two and a Half Men” is speaking out about his true feelings surrounding his character "Jake" and the show, its content, and his beliefs about the filth he feels it portrays.

In a just released video, Angus says he wants off the show and even asked viewers to boycott it due to its un-Christian content.

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Angus T. Jones says he was just recently baptized into the Church of Seventh Day Adventists and was caught on camera yesterday telling viewers what he really thinks of the TV business and his character on “Two and a Half Men”.

Watch Angus T. Jones Trash "Two and a Half Men"

No word yet what the executives, writers, or producers think of his comments, and boss Chuck Lorre has not made any comments yet either.

Nineteen year old Angus is reported to pull in $350,000 per episode and has been appearing on the show for half his life.

Heck, he was even around when Charlie Sheen crashed and burned from drugs and almost single handedly brought the show down.

Our take on this issue?

Angus, get out if you don’t like it anymore. You have the money and a good head on your shoulders so run out your contract and walk away.

Because we have to agree – ever since Charlie Sheen left it has gone downhill and Ashton Kutcher is the one responsible if it ultimately fails.

Sorry Walden, but we have to call it like we see it…

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