Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Video - Justin Bieber Talks About New Year’s Eve, Haters, and Being Called Gay

Justin Bieber’s did a press junket in Los Angeles last week where he talked to a number of news outlets about his new Christmas Album and his plans for New Year’s Eve.

The Bieb’s was sporting two diamond earrings and his new spiked hair cut that makes him look, well, even less masculine then his last one.

Bieber was asked by “Hot Hits Live from LA” host Andrew Gunsberg about his haters and what it’s like to see so many hateful comments on his YouTube channel calling him gay.

Bieber says,

“It’s like a lot of people that are sitting in their basement that have nothing else better to do and they say things like, he’s gay, and call me, like names. First of all, that doesn’t make any sense because I’m out with a girl and, like, they can see me with girls all the time.  It’s like a terrible world to use and their just, like, being mean.”

It seems like this kids life is starting to get complicated.

Justin doesn’t seem to have the same spark in his step that he used to, and his sense of humor has all but vanished.

Is it just us or does Bieber look like he’s not having fun anymore? He used the words “like” and “you know” almost 75 times.

Stay in school kids – at least until you can learn to speak.

Ah the price of fame!

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