Sunday, August 14, 2011

Justin Bieber’s Cat “Spaz” Gets His Own Twitter Account... Meow

Just when you thought that the world of social media had thrown everything it could at us, a new twist has been unearthed.

It seems that pop sensation Justin Bieber has some competition in the Twitterverse these days – his cat.

Starting on August 14, Justin’s pet cat “Spaz” has decided to step out and get his own twitter account at @Justins_Cat.

Spaz says it’s all about love and there will be no room for hate, but he wanted to get a twitter account so he could interact directly with JB’s fans.

“Nobody ever knew I existed. Justin never talked about me and never mentioned me so I decided to start my own @Justins_Cat twitter account.”

He says he will tweet a few times a day with the current events surrounding Justin’s hectic life. He also wanted a way to dispel rumors and a place to get photos and breaking news out fast to all of his fans.

“Justin is so busy that sometimes he forgets to let his fans know what he is up to. I know everything he does and can get the news out before anybody else.”

However, Spaz does admit that since he only has paws, and has to sometimes wait to get access to Bieber’s iPhone, it can be a little frustrating trying to do his job.

“I wanted people to see and hear about his everyday life and not just the bad things said in the tabloids. He does so much that people never hear about that I wanted to create a way to share those things with his fans.”

When asked if Justin was comfortable letting a cat speak for him Spaz said,

“All I have are paws. I can’t do a whole lot of damage and I type really really slow. I’m going to count on my twitter followers to retweet my stuff so I don’t have to type so much.”

Spaz knows that Bieber’s fans are just as interested in his best friends Chaz Somers, Ryan Butler, Kenny Hamilton, Dan Kanter, Ryan Goode, and Scooter Braun and plans to keep his followers in the loop with what they are up to as well.

“I decided that I will follow back anybody who follows me at @Justins_Cat. The more the merrier. I will also retweet things that people send me if I think it will help portray a positive image for Justin.”

Spaz says there is a lot of hate out there and it’s because some people are just jealous and hateful people.

Spaz will also start giving away trinkets like posters, CD’s, and copies of his 3D Movie to followers who follow and interact with him.

“I have to walk over boxes of posters and stuff everyday so I decided I’m going to just start giving it away. Justin will never notice. Did you know that at one point he was signing almost 500 pictures a day for his fans?”

Time will tell if Spaz is successful with his @Justins_Cat endeavor. But we’re going to follow him just to see what brilliant snippets of wisdom he can bring to the millions of Justin Bieber fans.

Good kitty……

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