Saturday, July 23, 2011

Video - Jackie Evancho Appears on ABC’s 20/20 Super Human Segment

Last night, ABC’s 20/20 aired a segment during their Friday night show called “Super Humans Super Powers”.

Usually, super human powers are associated with brute force and amazing physical accomplishments, but the one person we were all waiting to see was 11-year-old crossover singer Jackie Evancho.

Hailed as the girl wonder – the little girl with the big voice, Jackie Evancho spoke about her amazing rise to stardom and her passion for singing.

And yes, you can see her passion – and so can everyone else. In fact, Evancho is already getting Grammy nodes for the 2012 Awards season.

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And her popularity with her fans can clearly be seen in her current album sales.

During her 20/20 interview, Jackie talked about her family life and what it feels like to be up on the stage. She talks about her life when not performing and her thoughts on why she can do what she does so well.

Doctors believe her lungs and vocal chords are just like any other 11-year-old, but what makes Evancho different is her brain.

We agree.

Watch Jackie Evancho 20/20 Interview Video

Jackie was first discovered on the popular American television show “America’s Got Talent” two years ago, and even though she came in second place the world had seen an early glimpse of what Jackie would become.

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Her debut album “Dream with me” is on track for gold and platinum status, and she has already worked with both Susan Boyle and Barbara Streisand on duets.

Her rendition of Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” has become one of her signature songs and we suspect we have just heard, and seen, the beginning of young Jackie’s potential.

Watch Jackie Evancho Sing Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”

Teaming with Grammy winner David Foster has been a tremendous success for Evancho as he seems to be able to pull out her talent while at the same time remembering she is just a young girl.

We look forward to hearing more of this amazing young artist and wish her and her family the best of success.

And Jackie – we’ll see you at the Grammy’s

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