Saturday, July 16, 2011

Forget About Planking - “Owling” is the Next Big Craze – Are These People Nuts? - Photos

I think the youth of today are getting extremely bored.

The latest craze to take over the internet in recent months has been a thing called “Planking”.

It’s really a pretty simple and stupid craze that consists of laying down anywhere, on anything, on your stomach stretched straight out like a plank of wood.

But it can’t be a dumb idea because some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have done it like Gordon Ramsay and Justin Bieber. Right?

Still, pretty dumb eh?

Here is what “Planking” looks like:

Justin Bieber Planking
The idea is to “Plank” in a bizarre or unusual place while somebody takes your picture.

Believe it or not, people have actually died while doing it – like the guy in Australia who died planking on top of a moving car.

Not too bright mate?

Well, move over plankers because there is a new trend taking over the world.

It started in Australia on Facebook and is called…..


That’s right – Owling.

Owling is the simple process of crouching down and staring out into space – like an owl. It’s not difficult and just as stupid as planking.

Here is what “Owling” looks like:

Now you might think that that’s as good as it gets right?

Well, you would be wrong because you can score extra technical points if you can “Plank” and “Owl” at the same time.

The Technical Double "Owl and Plank"
Now be careful with that one – and consider that if all you have are Facebook friends you won’t be able to do this double craze because as you can see – you need two people.

If this is all people can come up with as the latest viral craze then we have lost our imagination and creativity.

But then again, they aren’t really hurting anybody and it does kind of make you smile when you see it.

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