Saturday, June 25, 2011

Video - 11-Year-Old Jackie Evancho Takes the World by Storm with “Dream With Me”

If you you’ve never heard of Jackie Evancho don’t worry – you will.

This 11-year-old soprano prodigy has taken the word by storm with her first full length album “Dream With Me” and is outselling Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry combined.

Jacqueline Marie "Jackie" Evancho was first seen during season five of “America’s Got Talent” when she was just ten years old, and blew away viewers who couldn’t get enough of her exquisite singing.

In addition to singing, Jackie also plays the piano and violin and even co-wrote the title track on "Dream With Me" with producer David Foster.

Watch Jackie Evancho Interview with David Foster

Jackie was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to Michael and Lisa Evancho and says she became interested in singing after seeing “The Phantom of the Opera”. She has two brothers, one older and one younger, and a younger sister.

Jackie says she was amazed that her debut single “Oh Holy Night” was so well received, and couldn’t believe that it sold over a million copies and has since gone platinum.

Evancho has teamed with the famous David “Hit Maker” Foster to produce her first full length CD titled “Dream With Me”.

On the album, she features the duets “A Mother’s Prayer” with Susan Boyle and “Somewhere” with Barbara Streisand along with her favorites “O Mio Babbino Caro”, "Ombra Mai Fu", "The Lord’s Prayer" and “Dream with Me”.

But the song everybody seems to want to hear is Jackie’s version of Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”.

Watch Jackie Evancho Sing Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”

One reviewer says,

“It may well become her signature song – the one everybody wants to hear. She is able to put so much emotion into it and you can tell by watching her perform she absolutely gets lost in the moment. I have rarely seen adults who can perform with such maturity. It made me cry.”


In fact, PBS has been running segments of Jackie’s performance of “Angel” from her show in Sarasota Florida - and PBS only brings out the big guns during their fundraising season.

That should tell you something about this incredible young singer.

Jackie even has her own website at and YouTube channel.

It’s true – we have not been able to find one review that had anything negative to say. This young lady is destined to become one of the greatest talents we have ever seen.

You can purchase her new album on Amazon here.

Forget Lady Gaga, this is the type of music and personality I want my kids to learn to appreciate – but I’m not holding my breath.

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  1. Really great review!!!

    One minor correction you might want to make.

    Jackie was 10 when she appeared on AGT. Not 9.

  2. Thanks! It has been corrected. You have good eyes.


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