Monday, October 13, 2008

JFK Speaks - New John F. Kennedy Audio Tapes Uncovered - Listen Here

It turns out that John F. Kennedy was just like the rest of us. He feared losing his presidential campaign, and he feared having to start over at age 45.

A new series of audiotapes has been uncovered showing JFK as just another guy, sitting around the fire smoking cigars and drinking cocktails with friends and family.

The audio recording was made on January 5, 1960.

On the tape, an un-guarded JFK can clearly be heard just months before becoming President, and just 3-years before his assassination. He talks candidly about his life, politics and his own health. Kennedy is asked why he decided to get into politics, and what he would do if he had to get out if he lost the election. It is a truly stunning series of recordings.

Brian Williams summed it up best:

"I've listened to all of it -- and it is chilling, haunting and fascinating at the same time. Having read just about every book extant on the Kennedy family and his presidency, I already know there is material here that will be in the next printing of various textbooks".

A snippet was played Monday evening on William's NBC Nightly News broadcast, and below is an extended version of the entire audio tape. It is an amazing listen.

Listen To The New JFK Audio Tape Recording


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