Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Arrested in New York City For Leaving the Scene After Hitting Pedestrian…

Actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested in Manhattan around 2:30 AM this morning (9/19/12) for leaving the scene of an accident.

TMZ is reporting that Lohan was driving to her hotel when she hit a pedestrian with her Porsche and then left the scene.

Reports say the victim was a thirty year old male who was treated for torn tendons and released from a local hospital. It appears that Lohan was not driving very fast when she struck him.

The victim, Jose Rodriguez, spoke with the press following the crash and said,

"All of the sudden I saw this car come real quick and it hit me. Lindsay was slurring her words and smelled like alcohol real bad after the crash..."

Police were called and arrested Lohan outside the Hotel around 2:30 AM. She was released a short time later with an order to appear in court to answer to the charges.

The many mug shots of Lindsay Lohan
The many mug shots of Lindsay Lohan
It also appears the cops did not give Lohan a breathalyzer test while in custody and Lohan says the whole incident never happened and she never hit anybody.

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It seems that Lindsay’s troubles are starting to really stack up again...

The actress was accused of stealing jewelry again last month, and was recently reported to be sick with Pneumonia causing her to miss work on her new movie project.

Keep it together Lindsay….

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