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Video - Meet Megan & Liz Mace - YouTube Super Twins or the Next Music Sensation?

Every now and then we run across artists on the internet that makes us wonder why we haven’t heard of them before.

Where have they been all this time? How could we have missed them?

And so it is with 18-year-old twin sisters Megan and Liz Mace.

We stumbled across them almost by accident while looking for Demi Lovato covers of “Skyscraper” - and after a bit of sleuthing, listening, reading, and talking to people we figured we needed to share their story with our readers.

Megan and Liz Mace are 18-year-old fraternal twins who were born in Indiana, grew up in Michigan, and recently moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music.

They started singing when they were just two-years-old, and wrote their first original song when they were ten. Megan started learning how to play guitar when she was thirteen, and they have been making music together ever since.

Early on they became somewhat obsessed with singer Taylor Swift and quickly started covering her songs and uploading them to their YouTube channel in 2007 – and the rest is history.

Watch Megan and Liz Perform Demi Lovato “Skyscraper”

The twins quickly gained a huge following of fans that call themselves “Macers”, and as of today have over 88 million YouTube views.

They have even been on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Contacted by the show’s producers to talk about appearing on a later show, the unsuspecting twins were surprised when Oprah herself appeared on camera to talk with them.

If that wasn’t enough, Taylor Swift joined the video conference call to say “Hi” to Megan and Liz and congratulate them on their success and invite them to one of her concerts.

Their reactions are priceless…

Watch Megan and Liz on the Oprah Winfrey Show

They have even had the opportunity to meet Taylor in person saying,

“Obviously meeting Taylor Swift was a dream come true! It was almost surreal. She was just as sweet as you would expect here to be. Meeting her gave us even more respect for her!”

They were thrown into the music industry fire and honed their live performance skills last year while touring with Boyce Avenue and Tiffany Alvord - hitting up stages in San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Gainesville, and Orlando.

In 2009, Megan and Liz entered the Oxford Film Festival Singing Contest and won the opportunity to open for recording artist Savannah Outen during her concert in West Chester, Ohio.

That same year they signed a record deal with BMI Records and released their first album “All of Our Boyfriends”.

The EP is available on Amazon and iTunes.

After listening to the Album, or any of their 20 original songs on iTunes, you will see why they call Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, 78Violet, and Miley Cyrus their main influences.

They also cover songs by Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Lady Antebellum, Sara Evans, Usher, Jessie J, Adele, Memphis High, Selena Gomez, P!nk, Ke$ha, Bruno Mars, and Taio Cruz.

Watch Megan and Liz Music Video for “Here I Go”

These two young ladies can really belt out a tune and their complementary vocals and harmonies are those only achieved by their sibling connection.

One of the points of this post is to show that with some good talent and a teenager’s knack for mastering social media – you can become a star.

Megan and Liz have used social media to not only profile their musical talent, they also built an official web site to give tips on beauty and fashion ideas to other teens and sell merchandize like t-shirts, necklaces, and hoodie sweatshirts.


The twins currently utilize Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Formspring, iTunes, Amazon, MySpace, iLike, and – not to mention all the personal fan sights built by others.

This is how you do it kids – forget about “Big Music” and the west coast record labels. All you need is some talent and a little bit of social media savvy.

Do it the right way and the right people will find you.

Watch Megan and Liz Cover Lady Gaga “Born This Way”

So, you would think that with all this music career stuff they wouldn’t have time for much of anything else right?

Both girls are still in a regular High School and both participate on the cheerleading squad as well as the tennis team. They are also considering joining the school choir.

And what about boys?

We suspect that both Meagan and Liz don’t have the time that normal high school kids have – but they still find time for boys.

In fact, their first album is called “All of Our Boyfriends”, and takes a Taylor Swift style approach where they sing about their boyfriends and lost loves.

The song “Indescribable” was written about Megan’s one time boyfriend Chris. Their fans were shocked when Megan told them she had broken up with him, and then elated when they got back together.

So, with the exception of being the next YouTube sensations and Nashville recording artists, Megan and Liz say they think they are leading pretty normal lives.


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  1. megan and elizabeth mace are just my two idols and by the way im 12 yrs. old and i have followed them from the beginning i love you megan and lizzy i hope i see you at another concert smooches xooxoxoxo :)


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